Thursday, 22 April 2010

Times Square at Night

It's not often that I linger in Times Square. For me, it's always been an annoyance more than anything...the lights, the crowds, the traffic, the gaudy tribute to mass consumption, the 10 minutes it takes to cross the street while getting body-slammed by people stopping suddenly to look up and take pictures.

Occasionally I'll have to be in the city for early morning meetings. Early, early, early mornings that take me several cups of coffee just to come to grips with simple things like the alphabet. Instead of risking me coming in late, work will put me up in a hotel wherever the meeting is. It makes my morning a little less stressful and I can make pretend I'm a tourist like everyone else.

Since last summer, Broadway has been shut down to traffic and it's become a pedestrian street...this makes it much more easy to navigate. I don't miss having to push my way down the sidewalk at all. It now involves a bit more leisurely strolling.

(As if someone from New York would ever do anything at a leisurely pace).

I can understand why people will loiter there...In all hours, it is blindingly bright. Over-stimulation is something people crave apparently.

I'm dying inside a bit that they were having a big deal Earth Day celebration in the most unnatural place on earth.

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