Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Persistence of Memory

Lots of Randomness for you today.

We've been taking French lessons for a month now. It's one of those really conversational classes that meet in a new location each week so you can talk about your surroundings and learn more real-life applications. It works sometimes, other times it's distracting and hard to piece together what's in your head. I like the instructor and enough people dropped out right away to make it more of a private lesson. I love it when that happens.

Last night we met at the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle so we can talk about clothing and purchasing things. It's a giant upscale mall Manhattan style...really expensive restaurants that takes weeks to get reservations, European shops where you can spend many thousands of dollars on a handbag, and usually some sort of large-scale original artwork where a normal mall might have a penny fountain and topiaries. Also, the Jazz at Lincoln Center concert hall is integrated into the mall, so you can catch a concert here as well. I'll get to more on the artwork in a second.

I walked up from my office after work. I happened to have the little point and shoot camera in my hand when I noticed a phenomenon that I just had to capture.

It's the absolute agony and stress of trying to hail a cab at rush hour, which coincides with the time when all the cab drivers head back to the depots for shift change.

TWC 010

I saw it so many times on my walk. I think I have myself a new photo project. This woman was getting especially cranky- she started to pace around and shoot death glares to all the occupied cabs zooming up Madison Ave without her.

TWC 011

TWC 012

I was getting kind of stressed out just watching her. Maybe this isn't such a good thing for me to peruse.

At the TWC, the artwork they currently have on display are Dali-inspired (and apparently, Dali-approved) bronzes.

TWC 018

TWC 019

TWC 024

TWC 030

Also, they have a couple of enormous permanent Botero bronzes. I read something recently (in the New Yorker maybe?) about how they have to re-bronze the male's naughty bits every few months because passer-bys find them irresistible to touch.

TWC 034

I would highly recommend checking out the Dalis if you are in the area. There are 16 sculptures total, plus original paintings as well.

During the night, the city got a slushy wet coating of snow.

TWC 042

It's pretty and it will either be be gone or gross by the end of the day.

The fresh burst of late winter means I am not so foolish knitting a heavy woolen sweater right now, right? I have a few projects on the needles, all of them complicated and requiring quiet time and no glass of wine to foul things up. I compensated by casting on for another Turn a Square hat with the other half a skein of Noro and Shelter so I have something to do on my commute.

TWC 043

After a day, it's nearly finished. It's a bit further on in the skein than the last hat, so the stripes are much less subtle and it looks completely different.

I've also been spinning up the Shetland fleece:
march2011 129

I have three full bobbins spun up so far, and a slightly noticeable dent in the enormous pile fleece that has been living in my spinning basket. There is hope that I will be reclaiming some floor space back for regular use soon.

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