Friday, 15 April 2011


It's felt so springtimey's a huge sigh of relief after a long, cold winter that was reluctant to let go. It was a good year to be a knitter anyway.

april2011 062

Since the weather is bearable and occasionally downright pleasant, there has been some very good days to get out for long walks. I feel like I don't see enough of Prospect Park this time of year.

april2011 032

It's a gorgeous park, and while a lot of people utilize it, it's not nearly as crowded as Central Park.

april2011 041

april2011 050

I spent a great deal of time watching the ducks fight over bits of hot dogs that people were throwing to them.

april2011 058

april2011 060

It was a bit of ducky drama- it was really hard for them to try to tear off a piece small enough to swallow, so they spent a lot of time chasing it around and squabbling over it.

I'm easily amused. The ducks just need to be thankful that I haven't found a Duck CSA yet.

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