Thursday, 8 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie

The recent acts of terrorism in Paris hits close to home.  The world seems a little less safe today; a little less joyful.

Charlie Hebdo was a newstand obscenity designed to offend all with their over-the-top lampooning.  Nothing was sacred.  It existed because it could, and frankly, the world is a better place because of it.  A certain amount of savvy into French culture and language was needed to interpret the covers- the puns, the insider knowledge, the political and pop culture references- meant that I was frequently being explained to in slow, patient tones why exactly it was funny.

And not to make it all about me, but that was my Parisian neighborhood where their offices were located.  Sons of bitches.

As one French journalist so eloquently put it, "On 9/11, we were all Americans.  Today, we are all Charlie."

Charlie Hebdo Galliano
Marine Le Pen, Mannequin for Galliano (An anti-Semitic match made in hell. )

Charlie Hebdo Burqa Ban
"Yes to wearing burquas....on the inside!"
ganked shamelessly from Getty Images

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  1. Needless, horrific and tragic just don't seem like enough...there are no words.