Thursday, 13 August 2009

Aeolian progress

I sat down one day last week, beads and handspun in hand, and cast on for the Aeolian shawl!

aug2 148

I have to sit down and concentrate on it, or I'll be losing YO's and making a tangled mess really quickly. I'm pretty psyched though- it's not difficult knitting, you just need to be in the mindset to sit and concentrate for a while. Lace frightens me, but once you break it down into bite-sized chunks it seems pretty do-able.

I'm using size 8 seed beads in a pretty purpley-pink. I didn't have a crochet hook small enough to impale the beads on and I was impatent to start, so I strung the beads onto the yarn beforehand just push them down the yarn as I get to them. It's easier for me to string them like this rather than fiddle with them one at a time- I have this heriditary hand tremble that makes doing something like that really difficult. It's not bad at all- some people in my family has a very noticble partkinsons-like tremble. It does make picking up teeny tiny seed beads and threading them a bit of a challenge though. I'm glad I bought extra because most of them ended up on the floor.

I started swatching for the Espresso sweater in handspun as well last night. I didn't mean to start a new project. Wednesday night I try to meet up with the local knitters for some tea and socializing. I went through all my projects on the needles and I had nothing that I felt like I could bring with me- Lace is a big no-no when I could possibly be (and want to be) distracted, I have one Fair Isle sock project going, a complex cabled band for a sweater, and a lace cami that I have to do some soul-searching on as it is a canidate for frogging. So I use my time wisely and bring along whatever needs to be swatched.

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