Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Etsy Shop Updated

It's finally a NYC summer- oppressively hot, smoggy and humid with spectacular nighttime thunderstorms. This hasn't stopped me from being elbow-deep in wool though.

Here is "Chicken:"

aug2 237

aug2 243

Chicken is a blend of hand-dyed merino, BFL and Finn that I dyed in eucalyptus, Bamboo, CVM wool, and Harrisville wool, which is full of neps and interesting texture.

Here is "Woodsprite":

aug2 253

aug2 249

This is a blend of Hand-dyed Merino, BFL, tussah silk and Finn that I dyed in eucalyptus, bamboo, CVM and a few handfuls of harrisville wool for texture.

They are both available on my Etsy store.

I'm still plugging away at the Aeolian- I'm actually itching to get working more on it. Finding the time to sit down and concentrate on the chart is more challenging than the actual knitting!

I'll be on vacation for a bit and hopefully will have some FO's when I get back.

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