Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Room with a View

I try hard not to talk (moan) about my day job. I try to think of it as a place I go to spend 8 (10) hours every day, but then I flip a switch (it's one of those giant ones like in Young Frankenstein they use to animate the monster) and BAM the day job is shed. I don't like my work to dictate my free time, and whatever goes on at work stays at work. I like it this way.

I don't mind my work so much, but mostly because for the past 5 years, I got to go to work every day and look out my office window and see this:

office 015

office 034

office 018

office 028

office 021

office 036

To say it was nice to look out on this every day is an understatement. I got to watch huge thunderstorms roll in and sunsets of all colors. Getting a full day of sunshine through my window made shlepping to work so much easier. I could watch the ice skaters in Bryant Park, the Fleet Week ships come up the Hudson, parades on 5th ave, the fireworks on the 4th, hawks catching thermals, and the insanely bright glow of Times Square. I'm starting to think I probably didn't get a whole lot of work done with all those distractions.


The lease expired and we had outgrown our palatial digs and they made up pack up and move a couple blocks away. The new place is nice, no complaints there. If I crane my neck I can see a tiny slice of sky surrounded by concrete and glass, and the elevator rides are nowhere near as awkward since they take all of 15 seconds now.

Still. That view made my day.

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