Monday, 29 March 2010

Time and Wollmeise

I think those are the tried and true methods of healing all wounds. What better way to get out of a funk then indulge in some retail therapy?

125park 129

When anything becomes intensely popular, I usually do my best to avoid it. If I liked it to begin with, I have some tough decisions to make. Magnolia Bakery, Rollerderby, Shake Shack- these are all things that I liked (and still like), but the hassle of their popularity make them inaccessible to someone with limited patience for waiting in lines and being crowded.

Luck was on my side last week when I stumbled upon someone selling Wollmeise for no more than retail price. I wasn't even interested in buying any, but I figured a little ray of orange-red sunshine in my life wouldn't be terrible. This yarn is notorious for being hard to get- it sells out within minutes anytime a shop update is posted, and then it shows up on Ebay for twice the price and people will actually pay it! The dyer is quite talented- she is known for her bright, saturated colors...but come on! It's sock yarn. Paying more than retail for something that will eventually adorn your stinky peds just doesn't make much sense to me.

Anyway. I lucked out and got a skein. The color is "Pillars of Fire". It makes me happy on a dreary rainy day.

125park 131

There! That's out of my system. Back to my draconian yarn diet and stash knit-down. I have a FO that's been done for a month but I haven't photographed, plus 3 more projects that I'm making progress on. I'm more or less back to a normal schedule now so I should be motivated to post more regularly.

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