Thursday, 3 June 2010


I'm trying to get a few sweaters finished up before the humidity makes me forsake them.

First up: The Hey, Teach sweater from I picked this pattern based on the yardage requires a small amount, which is perfect for this:

2009 knits 025

I bought 14 skeins of Elsebeth Laavold Silky Cashmere last year when the Yarn Connection in midtown went out of business. I got a really good deal on it, and 14 skeins seemed like it would be enough to do something with. I didn't dawn on me that having only 44 yards per skein means I purchased a mere 616 yards total. 14 skeins sounded like a lot at the time.

Aside from the skimpy yardage, it's super luxurious to work with. It contains 55% Silk, 45% Cashmere and it's Aran weight, so it's thick and cushy and so soft. It's a 4-ply yarn, but it is so loosely plied that it's almost like knitting with 4 strands held together.

So I picked this pattern because I wanted something that I could squeak by on minimal yardage. I still might not be able to make this with sleeves- it might be some sort of funky button-up vest. Plus, it will still count towards my 12 sweater challenge, right?

hey, teach

hey, teach

No matter though.

I also cast on for the Wanida socks for the man who deserves them. It's from Cookie A's book "Sock Innovation", which I can't find a picture of. These are part of my A-Z Stashdown Challenge...B is for Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

aug2 043

I'm using a skein of BMFA Socks that Rock lightweight in "Obsidian". It's a good, manly color. I'm doing these toe-up, two at a time.

wanida socks

I had a good chunk done but we both decided they were too big at 72 stitches. I tinked back and now they are 64 stitches and they look much more reasonably sized. I am doing the foot plain and starting the pattern once the heel is turned. As much as I love cables and lace on a pair of socks, they can be really uncomfortable to try and fit in shoes. It's a good bet to make a plain foot and then do the ankle and cuffs more interesting if you are going to plan on wearing the socks.

The Queen of Beads socks are the most awesome socks I've ever made:
Queen of Beads 043

But I can not wear them with shoes since they have both cables and beads, so they make imprints in the tops of my feet. They are my designated "Spinning Socks". Plus, they are too pretty to cover up so I wear them to show them off.

I have another FO that I need to block and get ready for its closeup, plus another couple summery sweaters that I'm plugging away at, plus my handspun oatmeal, and a really cool dye job I want to show off...I'll get to all that soon.

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