Thursday, 28 June 2012

Neh-neh. I got something you can't have.


Henri le Roux caramels. You can get a sachet of assorted flavors to figure out what speaks to you (Green Tea! Fig! Passionfruit!) but what you really don't want to mess around with is the Salted Butter Caramels- called "CBS" Caramels au Beurre Salé. Oh. Oh. Oh. They are the most perfect of confections. I have had several incarnations of salt caramels (lots of good ones, including one from Long Island that was swoon-worthy, and one made from goats milk), and this is really something else, with a perfect balance of saltiness to crunch on. Addictive as hell.

His chocolates aren't to shabby either. The shop and the presentation is fantastic...very clean and minimalist, leaving you clear to take in the smells.

It's a good thing that these are prohibitively expensive (and rightly so as they are truly the best of the best). If I could have free access my jaws would be glued shut permanently with caramels and a terrible speech impediment would develop. Not ideal when my second language is challenging enough without a caramel lodged in my teeth.

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