Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Paris 2012

I love how you can find a quiet corner right smack in the middle of the city. The Palais Royal is practically across the street from the Louvre, yet you wouldn't guess it. It's a little hidden, but all the old buildings and arcades makes a nice buffer from the rest of the city. The mornings are best as the tourist hoards aren't yet out and about, a couple cafes might serve you a petit dejeuner if you know where to seek them out, and lots of families are out playing in the jardins. The city has an almost dream-like quality to it in the gray and fog, which is practically an everyday occurrence.

Paris 2012 Paris 2012 Paris 2012 Paris 2012


  1. Great photos...if I am ever in Paris, I will have to locate the Palais Royal.

    1. Thanks! Someone actually gave me a book before I left called "Quiet Corners of Paris" and it has all these little courtyards and gardens that aren't always on a map. If it ever stops raining for a couple minutes then I'm usually on the prowl to check them out.