Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Best. Gift. Ever.

A friend of mine sent a care package a couple weeks ago.


You have no idea how awesome this is. In fact, if you know anyone traveling or living overseas, this is probably the best thing ever to send them.

I had a flu in June that was miserable and I suffered through because I couldn't really figure out what kind of cold meds to buy here. Everything looked so weird and foreign. Will they make me drowsy or high as a kite? What the hell are all these fine print warnings trying to tell me? Do all these homeopathic things really work? Why are all the cough drops here sugar-free? I just wanted familiar so badly.

I'm suffering through this latest summer cold much easier now, thanks to the lovely care package.


  1. Now if you can just get rid of all that rain....

    1. It's actually starting to feel like summer the past week! It's nice. Not too hot.