Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Slothful Sundays

I found the best way to spend a rainy Sunday morning in Paris is at Le Baron Rouge.


Tucked away on a side street by the Place de Algire in Bastille, this is a fantastic wine bar. Yes, it's perfectly acceptable here to show up at 10am and expect to get served wine.


They sell by the glass, pitcher or bottle, with a constantly changing menu. There are giant barrels of wine- you can BYOB to be filled, or buy a jug to go. It's cheap as hell, and you can really discover some gems. Most of the wines they had were drinkable and interesting and from producers I had never heard of.


They do simple plates of cheese and charcuterie, and everyone stands around tipped over wine barrels, eating and chatting. It's a chatty and happy place. It's too bad that in New York, a wine bar is usually a bit of a pretentious place to get a drink. Here, it's just where you drink if you like wine.


This also reminds me that I should probably clean up my lenses a bit! Shooting in the rain all the time means they get smudgy and need a good cleaning. It looks like I took these with a cell phone.

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