Tuesday, 2 July 2013

FO: Owlet Hat

Oye! I crocheted something!


While I've taught and re-taught myself the basics time and time again, only to never use the skills and have to re-teach myself....this time it's different, I swear. While I think crochet lace is beautiful, and crochet is greatly useful for when you need structure like for all the amigurumi toys, I much prefer the look and drape of knit fabric. What the world doesn't need is another acrylic granny square blanket to collect dust on the back of the sofa. Haters gonna hate.

A couple we know are expecting. She's American, he's British. They live in Brooklyn, but they are in Paris for some time. She is very bravely going to have le bebe at the American Hospital here in Paris before they move back to Brooklyn in January. Anyway, I sat down with this pattern and whipped up a cute little hat for them in just a couple of hours. Crocheters always wax on and on about how much faster it is than knitting, and yup. They don't lie. Even with my learning curve getting in the way, I spent very little time that (but don't tell the recipients. I toiled, I really did!) I made it the 6 month size since a warm wool hat won't be needed until the child is at least that age. I hope anyway...the weather here is rather manic at times. We did get a bit of frost in mid-May.


Even if you don't Crochet, it's easy enough to follow the pattern, and I just looked up videos on You Tube when I got stuck on something. It's just double crochet, half-double crochet, and single crochet. It used up scraps from other hats I had made...you can get really creative with colors and textures with this.

So there. I made something. It's terribly cute, even without a wee one peering out from underneath the button eyes.


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