Monday, 21 October 2013


I love being a tourist.


Although, I try to be a good one. A traveler, rather than a tourist. I shun the traditional American uniforms of jeans and tennies for comfort, and try to dress up a bit. Think petticoats. I do get asked directions quite a bit while I'm in a strange place, so my undercover costume seems to work.


The only thing I really knew to do in Dublin, aside from the ever-present alcohol distractions, was Trinity College.


Mostly I knew it because they have the Book of Kells on display.

WED_7161 WED_7170 WED_7183 WED_7184

For an extra buck on top of the admission fee into the library, a hunky young grad student will give you a little campus tour. Worth it, even though I learned little. It was

WED_7192 WED_7199

The library is something to see (the books are organized by size, which is mind-blowing) and the Book of Kells is amazing. Despite only being able to see one page, what a page it is! They do have a nice display of other pages of the book in the museum, along with fairly exhaustive explanations of the creation and history. Yes, of course the complete book is digitalized and online for you to see. The illustrations are spectacular.

WED_7200 WED_7202 WED_7210

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