Tuesday, 22 October 2013



I got decent weather to pound pavement and see a bit of Dublin.

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It's small enough so you can hit the majority of sites in a long weekend.

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It seemed like a bit of a tough town. I never felt unsafe, but there were some characters out.

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They really have capitalized on stereotypes though.


There's a couple big old churches- Chirstchurch and the eponymous St. Pat's.


I tried to get this kid to pose like a swimsuit model for me because he kept photo-bombing me, but he totally half-assed it when his friends started laughing at him.

WED_7241 WED_7256

Both of the main churches cost money to go into, which helps pay for the upkeep, but I skipped out on that as I've seen enough churches in france to know what expect. It's dimly lit. There's probably a half-naked jesus, looking sad on the cross. Maybe some nice stained glass with bible scenes. It may or may not smell like a headshop with all that incense.

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I was disappointed at street level culture. There were a lot of chain and mall shops, and I was hoping to find more interesting galleries and shops. I found that part of the city pretty uninspired, but I could have just been in the wrong neighborhoods. Also, Paris has spoiled me.

WED_7274 WED_7292 WED_7294 WED_7307

But there were tons of pubs.


I got to meet up with some lovely nice people that were met in Turkey, that I had threatened to visit. They totally thought I was bullshitting. Surprise! I'm here!

WED_7348 WED_7350 WED_7349

Which meant I had to try and drink a beer. This is what I feel like when I have to drink an entire pint of beer or lose all street cred.


I just....can't. I fail at Dublin.

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