Sunday, 19 January 2014

la playa

Oh, damn I love the beach so much.

I'm always kind of hesitant to actually go as I know I will lose the willpower to get anything done at all.  I become sloth-like, barely able to move from one spot, occasionally raising my head to sleepily smile and attempt to get a straw into my mouth so I can have a hands-free sip.  Mind you, mid-days are usually way too hot for me to be at the beach, as I am slightly darker than ghostly pale even in August and I just don't tolerate hot sun that well.

On these near-private black-sand beaches, there is very little shade.  Locals hang up sheets and towels to create shade in the trees high up on the beach, but I found the ants to be a bit too aggressive.  So i wait patiently for 3pm, and have a good couple hours to bask and swim before watching an amazing sunset.  Or, because I've felt so lazy that I've needed to get up at sunrise, I will head out for an early-morning swim on a section of the beach where, let's say that the privacy dictates that clothing might just be optional.

The most zen-like experience for me is to let the waves wash over my feet until I'm forced to move due to the eroded pit I'm in.  I love the tides, the water, the sand.

I sit or walk the beach until the mosquitoes drive me in.  It doesn't take long.  I got fairly covered with bites pretty much every evening.  I just wasn't fast enough.

I found a totally charming and welcoming place to call home for a few days.  Open-air dining, good fresh seafood, a lovely room,  and the surf crashing in the distance.  It was secluded- the nearest town was quite small, and rutted dusty dirt roads would take you from one beach to the next.  But why would you want to leave this one?

Munda Millo eco lodge is really one of the nicest places I've stayed in.  It's run by a Dutch couple who lovingly build and decorate gorgeous private cabinas in an eccentric, world-traveler style.  

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