Thursday, 16 January 2014

Santa Elena

Another beautiful sunrise in the tropical rainforest.

This part of Costa Rica is filled with adventure lodges.  Ziplines and canopy tours and canyoning.  All the outfitters vying for the longest, largest, highest titles for their adventure.

Unfortunately, all the racket of people screaming down the ziplines tend to scare the animals a bit, and very few are to be seen.  

It was even hotter and drier on this day.  

I managed to spot an Ocellated Turkey, a large bird that runs and flies through the treetops.  

And finally, a miracle to top all miracles:  our rental car found us.  Thank you Alamo.  You shouldn't have screwed up so badly in the first place, but I'm happy you made it right.  

Santa Elena is kind of the hub for the area, with hostels and a couple small grocery stores, a really useful pharmacy and some good places to eat.  Taco Taco soon because a favorite, and it was always packed with anglo backpackers.

Costa Rican cuisine is nothing to write home about.  Beans, rice, fried chicken, queso fresco.  There's enough expats here that bring in all sorts of good things though, and you can get really fresh seafood on the coast.  Monteverde has a cheese factory that makes all sorts of interesting cheeses aside from queso fresco, like a gouda and a blue.  Aside from that:  pizza seemed to be an option in every town where tourist flock, and open-air local bars that served comidas were found in every town with more than 10 people.  You won't starve, but you won't be waxing poetic too much either.

Off we drove , down the mountain side that was basically like driving down a dry creek bed, and on to our next destination.  Time for surf.  

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