Thursday, 22 May 2014


London has been unexpectedly warm these past few days- temps near 25c (76f) all week.  It's disconcerting, as I was planning on wearing warm woolly sweaters all summer, and now I have to scramble to find something light and cotton to wear.  Plus, last week, there was hail:


It pretty much destroyed my delicate little pepper plants, but everything else seems to have made it okay.

Seriously though.  The weather is not as bad as they make it out to be.

The first time I came to London for a visit in springtime.  I thought everyone was a liar here.  I got a week of warm, sunny sunscreen-needing weather in London before spending two weeks hiking around Scotland without needing rain gear once.  I think it may have sprinkled one afternoon in the mountains, and it did get a little chilly at times, but still.  London.  Sunshine.  tee shirts.  Sunglasses.  I had to buy a sundress because I couldn't stand to wear anything drab and warm that I brought after those first few days.  

Here are some pictures from that first trip.

May you all have this kind of good-weather luck when you travel, always.

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