Thursday, 27 May 2010

FO- Lobster

I seem to be on a nautical kick.

may 2010 048

Funny story: each year they have a huge lobster festival up in Rockland, Maine. Inevitably, PETA shows up to protest wearing bright red lobster costumes. Apparently, they don't realize that lobsters are sea-floor brown in color when they are alive. Local lobstermen enjoy ridiculing them for this mistake.

This is a Knit Lobster that I made as a gift. It was a bit fussy with all the piecing together, but in the end he came out looking more or less like a crustacean I'd like to eat.

He needs antennae still and I want to go back and make his eyes black.

may 2010 049

He's been cooked alright.

The specs: I used about 100 yards of Araucania Nature Wool that was leftover from a project from years ago. I dyed it red and used size 6 needles. I guess that makes it part of my A-Z Stashdown Challenge as well.

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