Friday, 14 May 2010

FO- Pucker

Instant Gratification comes in many forms. This one just happened to be a feminine Norah Gaughan sleeveless top.


The aptly named "Pucker" from Norah Gaughan's Volume 4 collection. It took me just a couple weeks from start to finish.


I made the second-smallest size- the 38"- and I have plenty of room in there. It gave my heart the pitter pats when I was seeming it up because it looked enormous. All that extra fabric just hangs around and gracefully drapes and swishes around when you move.


It's a lot of stockinette and then some interesting detail at the front to create the namesake pucker.

april 2010 080

The yarn makes this pattern. Seduce is a really unique yarn. It is composed of 47% Rayon, 25% Linen, 17% Silk, 11% Nylon. It appears to have two strands of yarn spun around a thin core. It's very slick. I had to change to bamboo needles after about 5 minutes of trying to work with metal and having the entire project fall off the needles. It's a bit thick-and-thin, which helps hide stitch inconsistencies, and it blocks out lengthwise quite a bit.


It was kind of cold on picture day so I had it layered, but this will be nice in July with a thin tissue tank or cami underneath.


The Specs: I used almost all of 9 skeins of Seduce- 900 yards- for the 38" size. I used size 6 needles, which helped control the stretching issues I had when swatching- this could easily turn into a mini-dress if your gauge is loose.

I didn't modify the pattern at all- it's simple and fast to knit up. I might try and do this in the round next time, but I think the side seams give it weight and help with the drape.

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  1. i really like the pucker details and the neckline. very nice!