Tuesday, 17 August 2010

FO- Kai-Mei Socks

I'm back for a little bit and I have some FO's to catch up on. I am keeping up with my A-Z stashdown challenge.

aug2 045
Yet another skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in lightweight. The color is "Downpour". This is a really thick, cushy sock yarn. I thought the color combination was gorgeous.

I'm on a bit of a Cookie A. kick and chose the Kai-Mei socks from her wonderful "Sock Innovation" book.

I cast these on when I was in France. The 3x3 rib went on forever, and made them good candidates for making both socks at once.

Europe2010 512

Here they are, looking longingly out at the mountains and Lake Geneva and vineyards near Lausanne, Switzerland. It's amazingly gorgeous there. Plus, you pretty consistently need socks year-round up in those mountains.

I shoved them into my carry-on bag when I flew to Chicago and immediately regretted it as one of the teeny tiny needles snapped en route. So just in time to turn the heel I switched to doing these the old-fashioned one-at-a-time way. Anyway, with all that plane time and delays, I got these done really quickly. It's amazing how much I can get done when the handheld electronic devices must be put away.

Wanida Socks

I only have pictures of the one sock done, but I assure you, the other one was made and in a perfect mirror image. As I was Kitchener-ing the toe shut on the second toe, I bumped into a friend of mine whose birthday weekend was coming up, and being the dunce that I am, I had gotten her nothing. A hasty sewing in of the ends and voila! She had a birthday present. I knew these would be a gift, but I didn't know to who. The timing was perfect.

Wanida Socks

I looks like I'm tip-toeing through the poison ivy. Sometimes, the only thing that grows in Brooklyn is noxious weeds.

Wanida Socks

The specs-
I used one skein of Socks that Rock lightweight in the Downpour colorway and size 2.25 mm needles. The 3x3 rib takes up a lot of yarn, so I used up almost the full 360 yard skein. The "butterflies" that travel across the foot were a little difficult to get consistent tension, but after a little stretching I could get them fairly even. These would be hard to wear with a pair of shoes on- the butterflies have a bit of a bulge in the center where all the stitches are gathered, and the ribbing makes them kind of lumpy as well. A good pair of pretty house socks these are.

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