Thursday, 19 August 2010

FO- Liesl

Oh, cotton. How I love/loathe you.

I acquired 4 skeins of the prettiest light green cotton yarn when the Suss store went out of business back in 2006. They were $1 a skein, and although I had no plans for in the works, I couldn't resist. This is what happens when I get yarn with no master plan for sits around in a bin for a half a decade before I can muster up the will to make something out of it.

stash 144

In my vicious stash policy of "be used or begone", I knew I had to dig this up and turn this into something.

It was tricky to find a project that would make do with 470 yards of Aran-weight cotton yarn. I finally settled on the Liesl. Pretty much everyone I know had made one. Its top-down design meant I could knit until I ran out of yarn. The feather-and-fan stitch pattern is easy as can be, and it just flew along and was done in no time.


Not exactly high fashion, but it's a cute functional layering piece.


A couple of vintage buttons from my button bin and voila! My yarn stash is 4 skeins less of ropey slubby cotton.

I gifted this as soon as it was blocked. It wasn't enough that I turned it into something nice. I couldn't have that yarn in my house any longer in any shape or form.

The specs:

I used nearly all 4 skeins of Suss Cotton, which comes in 118 yards a piece. It's Aran weight and hard to work with- it's like knitting with rope and can really tire your hands out. The color is "Stone".
I didn't modify the Leisl pattern at all except for only making two button holes. I made the medium size.

I can't decide if this counts as a sweater or not. If it does, then it's number 12 of my 12 Sweaters project. I still have 3 months, and I finished another sweater this week (it's blocking and in need of buttons). I'll go pop the cork on some bubbly.

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