Friday, 5 November 2010

Fiber Swap

Every once in a while, the Spin City group organizes a fiber swap to get rid of less-than-awesome stash that is taking up too much space. It might be something you bought impulsively, or something that isn't spinning up the way you wanted, or something you never got around to spinning. It's pretty much guaranteed to find a home if you bring it to a swap.

Fiber swap

It's a fiber free-for-all. I really feel sorry for the book club that had decided to have their book discussion nearby. They were all pretty much writhing in horror at our antics.

I brought in a huge bag of things to swap (I could care less what I get for it, just as long as someone else takes it home) and everything was gone at the end. Success! An entire fleece disappeared, along with some braids of superwash merino roving that I didn't like the feel of, and some of my handcarded batts that didn't sell in the shop. I did go home with a few quality things as well, but considerably less then what I walked in with.

october2010 087
This is a 4oz braid of Falkland, which is very much like merino. It's very soft.

october2010 088
I also got about 5oz of Leicester Longwool. I fell in love with the spicy autumnal colors. Alas, it's a bit felted and will take some combing before I spin it. Whoever dyed this is quite the wonder of nature- it takes a lot of work to accidentally felt this kind of wool.

october2010 091
A tiny 1oz babycake from Loop. I've been collecting purple ones for a project, and this one is perfect. I have no ideal what blend of fibers this might be. I see silk noil, but I usually can't tell what else is blended in until I spin it.

Everyone has a great time and went home happy. I don't get out to this meetup nearly enough.

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  1. Hey, I got some of the fall colors Leicester Longwool last year for a knitting friend and spun/navajo plied it, but don't remember it being that felty. Spun my Loop babycake already, and want more.