Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Loop Spin-In

I've been slacking lately on getting up to Loop's monthly spin-in. Last Saturday was a brilliant and sunny autumn day that was perfect for getting out of the city.

october2010 104

october2010 110

I love the little riverwalk the Gaga complex has.

october2010 111

october2010 115

The trees back there were at peak color and just fabulously brilliant.

october2010 124

Naturally, there was spinning going on as well.

october2010 131

B is for Bison (or Buffalo, if you must). I'm spinning some.

october2010 129

It's a great challenge. I have 5oz of the stuff. It's dehaired, but not carded, so I'm just fluffing up handfulls of the fiber and spinning it like that. It's got .5 of an inch staple length and it's super slippery, but it's warm and soft- almost like cashmere. I'm spinning it as finely as I can and I will be 2-plying it eventually. Too much twist and it snaps like a dry twig, not enough and it falls apart. There's no in-between with this fiber, but it lets you know exactly when you've got it right by behaving.

october2010 132

See all the scraps on my skirt? That's what it does. I end up covered with a million pieces of half-twisted bison fiber every time I sit down to spin.

It was a relaxing day with good friends.

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  1. Hey, I knew you would take nice pictures of the trip! Had a great day, only disappointment is that I can't remember which blog had that cake video we were talking about.