Monday, 22 November 2010

Sox on the Beach

What better way then to escape the November chill than to fly down south and spend the weekend at the beach?

Actually, I can think of lots of better things. Like dental appointments and getting ingrown toenails righted, but no matter. The weather was beautiful and I cast on for some socks.

nov 2010 003

They are the Lenore Socks. I'm using a skein of Socks That Rock lightweight in the "Blackbird" colorway. This was a sock club mailing from last year that was paired with a pattern from Cookie A. I thought the pattern was too complicated for me to tackle as a travel project, so I cast on for this one instead. I love the color- there's green and purple and reds and blues all mashed in there, but very subtle.

nov 2010 002

I cast on two at a time, and I actually have the heels turned already. They progress very quickly, and have a simple lace pattern that is fairly mindless.

nov 2010 008

Which is good, because sun tends to make me woozy when paired with a few stiff drinks, and I didn't really have the concentration thing going on.

nov 2010 058

nov 2010 019

I also made it to the Morikami Japanese gardens. How wonderful is that?

nov 2010 028

nov 2010 032

nov 2010 035

nov 2010 046

nov 2010 049

nov 2010 053

nov 2010 056

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  1. That turtle looks like he's about to take off in his shellship.