Tuesday, 4 January 2011

FO- Jaques Cousteau hat

If you are going to jump into the north Atlantic ocean on New Year's Day, at the very least wear a warm hat.

Jan 1 2011

It's the Jacques Cousteau hat. A free pattern, oui!

I lack bright orange yarn, but it did take the exact amount that was leftover from my Eastlake sweater, which was a full skein and a half. I looove not having leftover yarn from a sweater, and I'm really forcing myself to use up all the odds and ends that I keep accumulating from all this sweater knitting.

Jan 1 2011

The ribbing went on pretty much forever. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm still knitting the ribbing on this hat even though it's completed.

Jan 1 2011

It's simple and classy and not too fussy. The fact that it's made from a merino/silk blend means it's supersoft and warm as well.

The specs:
I made the woman's size and it still came out a wee bit big. This isn't exactly a pin-headed man either. I mean, it fits, but it's not cozy-tight around your ears, which is something that is nice in a winter hat. Ah well. Here's to guessing at gauge, and failing just a little bit. I used US size 3 needles, and about 180 yards of Berocco Inca Gold in the Verde Oliva colorway.

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