Monday, 31 January 2011

FO: Spey Valley Socks

I love having a pair of simple socks going for my daily commute. As soon as I finish a pair, I cast on for the next, usually with no one particular in mind. They are small and portable and I can usually zone out and knit away while packed into a train car or standing around in line at the post office or at Shake Shack. It also ensures that my friends and family will be swathed in handknits come holiday-time.

I found this nifty pair of socks in Nancy Bush's "Knitting on the Road". They were all travel-inspired patterns and some very good ones at that. Right away I cast on for the Spey Valley Socks. I had such good memories of the place and they were such a neat-o pair of socks anyway.


Strathspey has the highest concentration of Scotch distilleries in all of Scotland. It's gorgeous countryside- hilly and green and rugged. Also, there are sheep everywhere. Mostly Scottish Blackface.






The cows are fed the extruded barley from the distilling process, and the cheddar if known for tasting like whisky because of it. Truly a wonderful place.



It was nice to walk around all day in the mountains and come back to a civilized and warm evening of Scotch and good hospitality.

Anyway. Here are the spey-inspired socks:

dec 2010 030

I made them for Bry, so they are manly man sized. There are three different ribbing patterns and two rows of decorative braid, and that's it. Simple.

dec 2010 037

They are sport-weight, so more like house slippers than socks. It would be hard to shove them into a pair of shoes unless they are your big winter boots. All that ribbing makes them extra cozy as well.

dec 2010 029

dec 2010 026

I'm really pleased with them, and so it he.

The specs:
These took almost an entire skein of Socks that Rock medium weight- close to 380 yards. The color is "Lucy in the Sky", which looked kind of denim-y to me.

aug2 049

The original pattern called for skinnier fingering weight yarn, but since they were for size 10.5 feet, I didn't have to tweak the pattern to get a good fit. I used size 2.5 mm needles and did these two at a time, cuff-down.

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