Thursday, 6 January 2011

FO- Hurricaine Hat

I spent a lot of time last week on the subway going to various events and parties. Taking the subway means 1. I might get a strange new disease and end up in a medical textbook and 2. I can finish a hat in two days without breaking a sweat.

Well, not quite two days. This did start out life as a fibery beast.

spinning stash

3.8 oz of handcarded batt from Butterfly Girl. It was a blend of 67% bamboo, 25% merino and 8% glitz. Very sparkly. It sat in my spinning stash for a couple years, and then I dug it out as part of my spinning stash bust in October.

I spun it up and made a DK weight 2-ply. I got about 154 yards from 3.4 oz of fiber. The colorway is "Curtain Dress", which makes me happy.

Antic 854

I loved the swirly-whirly look, so I knitted up the Hurricaine Hat.

Hurricane Hat

The mostly-bamboo content means this isn't terribly warm, but it does have nice drape. It will be a really usefull hat to have around come the not-so-bitter spring if it doesn't get nabbed by someone before then. I always like to have a handful of fun little hats on hand to give as gifts.

Hurricane Hat

I wish I would have stepped into direct sunlight for the pictures. This looks like a disco ball in the right light. It was really fast and an easy knit.

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