Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More Rhinebeck, Including a Highly Coveted Spinning Session

This man is a rock star.

october 2011 140

Well, in the spinning world anyway. It's Norm Hall, and he makes the most amazingly gorgeous spinning wheels by hand. They aren't cheap.

He doesn't have a website. He stopped taking orders in 2005. You can get on a wait list, but it's not unheard of to wait many many years before you get a glimmer of hope that your dream wheel will get made. There is an active market in selling your spot on the wait list.

I only ever see him at Rhinebeck. He sits around his booth, chats with his fan club and occasionally, a lucky wait-lister will show up to pick up their wheel.

october 2011 161

It was love at first spin for Mknits.

october 2011 169

He also has a nice banjo player in his booth plucking away and making the corner a small sanctuary in all the grabby shoving of the festival.

Happily, his booth is very close to where lamb chili could be had, and I spied the most amazing sweater:

october 2011 177

Handspun, handdyed, handknit. This woman was so proud of it, and as you can see from the stranger's hand reaching out to touch it, everyone was in awe of it.

october 2011 175

She was super-proud of it. The fleece even came from a previous Rhinebeck.

october 2011 178

I was having a lot of fun walking around with my camera and trying to capture the essence of the moment.

october 2011 180

october 2011 185

october 2011 189

october 2011 229

october 2011 250

I have even more sheepy pictures tomorrow...and some gorgeous sheep dogs as well.


  1. A little birdie told me mknits fell in love...
    And that sweater you spied is amazeballs.

  2. The little bird is correct. I've never seen anyone be so zenned out before. She needs one of those wheels, ASAP.

  3. Love that yarn outside of the barn building. One of my sons was hugging it! Yes he's silly.