Thursday, 20 October 2011

MORE Sheep and Wool...and Frisbee Dogs, too

My favorite part about Rhinebeck is wandering around and checking out the sheep and goats and then eating said sheep and goats. Kidding! They do serve plenty of good lamb dishes though. They put some distance between the sheep being petted and the sheep being eaten...the places serving lamb are far away from the sheep barns. It does seem kind of cannibalistic. Apple cider donuts and kettle corn for me then.

This Cheviot was a bit too pretty to eat anyway.

october 2011 198

october 2011 205

october 2011 222

october 2011 242

october 2011 245

october 2011 256

One of the highlights of the day for many are the frisbee catching canines. They used to have sheep dog trials, but I'm not sure what they just have sheep dog frisbee. They are fascinating to watch.

october 2011 258

The dogs are just filled with vibrant energy and concentration.

october 2011 259

october 2011 263

october 2011 268

october 2011 269

october 2011 270

october 2011 272

october 2011 278

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october 2011 282

So about the shopping...people spend oodles of money here every year. I've spent a kagillion bucks here in previous years. It's great to support the industry and small farmers and indie businesses. However, I was just uninspired to shop and found myself in much more of a contemplative mood. I think I've been doing this festival for so long now that I've already bought everything that I feel the need to buy. Weird, right? Also, it's been much more of a social event for me...getting out of the city and hanging out with good people I don't see often enough becomes a priority. Plus, I have a few big trips coming up and that money that wasn't spent on fiber will soon used to buy the perfect croissant.

As I was walking to the car park at the end of the day, I swung by the Foxhill Farm booth and bought a bag of Cormo roving. I couldn't buy absolutely nothing. It just felt all sorts of wrong. Alice Field breeds and raises the loveliest sheep- she keeps them blanketed, so they are nice and clean. You can just tell when you are spinning it that the sheep it came from was loved and well cared for. The roving isn't over-proceeded at all and I had so much fun spinning what I bought from her last year.

Cormo handspun, 2 ply

Totally worthwhile purchase. It will keep me busy for countless hours, along with the rather huge stash of fleece from previous Rhinebecks that are still patiently stored in bags under my bed.

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  1. My husband and I passed some sheep lying down in these odd looking cloth bags. I wondered aloud what they were for and my husband answered "They're marinating" in a total deadpan voice.
    Great photos!