Tuesday, 29 January 2013

FO: Wayfarer Scarf

Wait...I'm a knitter?


All the way from my home state came two skeins of organic merino.

Dec 2011 011

Not all merino is created equal. This is the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Swans Island has amazing yarns. Soft, bouncy, itch-free, and warm. It's exactly what I want in a wool yarn. The price tag is higher than the medical marijuana users there, but who could resist the most delightful of raspberry pink colors? I, for one, could not.


I cast on for the Wayfarer scarf, a basic but classic Jared Flood pattern.


It alternates between lots of garter stitch and an undulating slip-stitch pattern. Not the most exciting thing to knit, but I love the way this yarn made the slipped stitches pop, and I was comforted at the ease at which this worked up.


It's snuggly warm and I actually look forward to going out on cold days because I get to wear this.


I made mine a tad longer than written since I had the yardage, and I just love the way it drapes as I give it the multi-wrap treatment. After several wears, there is not a pill to be plucked. If I didn't choose such a shockingly femme pink, this pattern would be totally appropriate for a man's scarf as well.

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