Friday, 25 January 2013

Le Pont du Dieu

The area around Chefchouen ended up being a paradise for hiking. I honestly think I could go back and spend a couple weeks there exploring the mountains. Lots of parks, preserves and forest.

We did squeeze a hike in. People we met in Rabat kept telling us we need to go see Le Pont du Dieu- The Bridge of God.

After a little research, we found the trailhead. The trails here aren't really obviously marked or mapped. Local knowledge is best. For a longer hike, I would consider hiring a guide as I don't think being lost here would be very fun.


We got there early and had the trail to ourselves.


That is, when we could find the trail. We ended up blazing up a steep cliffside when the trail we were on dissolved into rocky ground. No markers, no blazes, no cairns.

Once we found it again, it was an easy hike. It probably would take all of 45 minutes to get there if you didn't lose the damn trail.

So I was told that late afternoon was the best time to see the bridge. Why?


Hello, sun.

Despite it being a bit tricky to even see the thing, it was impressive.


A natural stone bridge (reinforced by man) connecting two mountain peaks, a thousand feet above a gorge.

Morocco Morocco Morocco

It was a really nice hike, but once again, the entire trail and surrounding area was covered with garbage. Lots of plastic bottles and picnic trash everywhere. How depressing.

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