Sunday, 27 January 2013

Magic! Paris Under a Blanket of Snow.

Meanwhile, back in Paris...what started out as big, wet flakes...


...Accumulated overnight to a very lovely blanket. It rarely snows in Paris. Or, that is what they tell you before throwing their hands up in the air and shrugging at the fact that there are no plows at the airports, and the entire snowy weekend, I saw but one plow on the road. Despite being at the same Latitude as Vancouver, ocean currents conspire to keep the city warm enough to rain all winter.


Except now, where we get lovely beautiful awesome snow. I didn't even bring my fancy fleece-lined snow boots. After 0 snow in NYC last year, I threw them in storage based on the fact that 1. They take up a whole lot of space the other 364 days of the year that I'm not needing them and 2. It's not supposed to snow in Paris. I dug out my beat-up hiking boots that I haven't worn since Norway and they caused my toenails to go missing, put the hood on my camera and went for a couple nice long walks.


No one shovels the walks here either. How about that! If my family from Maine were here, they would have started compulsively shoveling all the things.


It was a tad treacherous to get around, but oh, oh so lovely. It because a different city entirely. Much like New York, but less griping and more child-like wonder.


The streets were fairly quiet, and I think my fruit seller at the local marche was a little bored. He made the cutest bonhomme du neige and with cold fingers, I fumbled to buy the lion's share of the clementines he had that day. There's nothing like bright sunny citrus when it is snowing out.


Most of the metro lines were still running, although there was not a bus to be seen all weekend.

WED_2972 WED_2975 WED_2979

We were inspired to meet up with some friends for our first-ever Paris dim sum trial.


zit was nowhere near as good or crave-inducing as San Fran or NYC, but passable. Dumplings for breakfast can never be so terrible that anyone would outright reject them.


Of course, afterwards, there was much merry making and trouble making.

WED_3016 WED_2997 WED_3004 WED_3005

Nice shot!

WED_3014 WED_3015 WED_3025

As long as you weren't in too much of a hurry and you thought to bundle up, it was completely joyful to be out.

WED_3035 WED_3043

It made the still-too-short hours of daylight all the more enjoyable.


Hope you are all loving your very own winter wonderland.


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