Friday, 3 May 2013


The really unusual Modern Art museum in Paris is kind of a landmark. It's by far the tallest landmark in the Marias, and it's just so fun to look at.

WED_7641 WED_7637 France 2011 568

Inside, the building is home to a few things, including the Modern collection. I am hit-or-miss with stuff like this. I either think it's amazingly creative and visionary, or I have my head tilted with my ear on my shoulder, trying to figure out what it might be.


You also get really good city views from the top as you ride the futuristic tubes of the escalators up to the exhibit space.

WED_7647 WED_7648 WED_7651 WED_7655 WED_7657 WED_7660 WED_7664 WED_7666

The whole collection can be seen in a couple of hours (or, at least at my pace) and it covers a whole range of mediums. It's spacious enough so that even if it is crowded inside, it's never too much jostling, and there's always a lot of art students camped out on the floor sketching.


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