Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tibeten Festival

I do like going to some of these odd cultural events in the city. There was a Tibeten festival going on in the Bois de Vincennes that we wandered through. More than anything, we wanted to check out the Buddhist temple here that always seems to be closed when we go by.

WED_8390 WED_8377 WED_8388

The temple was beautiful, with the shrine having a most impressive Buddha.


The rest of the festival, meh. We drank some salty Tibetan tea and watched the entertainment, which mostly consisted of some singing of traditional tibetan karaoke pop songs. A couple of the singers were doing more traditional stuff, and some of them were quite good, but they all seemed rather hesitant or shy on stage, and the sound guy seemed kind of perplexed by the soundboard, with lots of good feedback and false starts to mark every song. It made it folksy and charming, but a little depressing.

WED_8382 WED_8380 WED_8394

This guy was shredding.

WED_8395 WED_8400 WED_8402

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