Sunday, 5 May 2013

April in Paris

Yes, I am aware that it's May. I'm behind, and Count Basie just didn't write the song for any month but April, now did he.

The weather in April is a bit manic- we get these really sunny bright days that the wind will be incredible, and a constant barrage of rain and hail will catch you by surprise, because the sun will be shining the entire time. Ah, Paris. A crafty vistor will have an umbrella at their side the entire time they are here.


The gardens become lovely places- the hidden courtyard at the Petit Palais is one of my favorites, if only because you can run in and use the bathroom if you are in the need.

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My favorite thing about the Louvre is going on a Friday night. They are open late, and it's as quiet as you are going to get in the most visited museum in the world.

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But Paris is really the greatest city if you love walking around and exploring. I'm still surprised at what I find.

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At night, the area around the eiffel tower swarms with tourist and pushy souvenir-hawkers with their glow-in-the-dark handfuls of nighttime wares. You see dozens of them, like fireflies, darting from one group to the next with their wares.

WED_7714 WED_7715

A sure sign of spring: Swarms of Beekeepers in the gardens.


And the models in very little clothing posing for the camera:


Another place to catch a free view of the city is the rooftop of Galleries Lafayette.

WED_8125 WED_8131

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