Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Don't Judge Me.

Yeah, you.


Staring at me blankly before blinking your LED lights to life and groaning under the stress of it all.

Fuck you, scale. I found myself trying to rationalize to it this morning. I've spent the past month traveling to places where ham, olive oil and wine were exactly what was on the menu for every meal. How terrifying to face this first thing in the morning.

Actually, I feel like I perhaps didn't gain the dramatic weight that I thought I would as I also wore through yet another pair of shoes. Spending every day wandering around with a backpack on has really done numbers on my favorite dependable pair, which is now so cracked and broken that the elements come up through the soles, creating a sandy dirty wet mess for my feet to well around in. While it makes me sad to have to throw them away, I feel somewhat accomplished in the fact that these are less than a year old and I've just wrecked them and really saw the world with them on my feet.


(ps- they are Bjorns, which I've had excellent luck with as far as comfort is concerned.)

I am, however, detoxing with a vegetarian diet until I feel like I'm back to normal. Diet is such a dirty word, and I think depriving yourself is just terrible. Still, my blood is running thick with ham, and I feel the need to thin that out a bit.

Pictures, anecdotes, adventure stories, ham, etc, to follow.

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