Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I got the travel bug again.  After a winter of cozying it up at home and getting the garden started and exploring this fair city, I'm totally itching to get out.  Also, I should probably see a doctor about that rash.  Kidding!  kidding.

I took a train out to the quaint beach town Eastbourne the other week, and then walked up to beachyhead and the Seven Sisters- a series of stunning white chalk cliffs that shear off into the sea.  You've seen this before I'm sure: it's the hollywood stand-in for the white cliffs of nearby Dover.

Upon arrival, I was dismayed:  despite inland being fairly bright (if not entirely sunny) the coast was blanketed with a thick sea fog.  It was great if you wanted to stand on the hill and stage MacBeth, but not so much for photography.  No worries, it brightened eventually and despite the low visibility I'm quite happy with the day's work.  It loaned the landscape a lonely, desolate feel that I found intensely peaceful.

Here are some of the pictures from the day.  I'll have more later; I've got a backlog of pictures to go through as I've been shooting like crazy lately.

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