Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Seven Sisters

A few more pictures from my walk along the cliffs near Seaford.  Sigh.  I fall behind.

As the day brightened, the colors around me started to pop.  The emerald greens, the glaring white cliff face.  Some shadows appeared, and the fog momentarily cleared.  

One thing that I discovered post-shoot is that I need to get my camera cleaned.  On these Nikon SLRs, the oil they use on the shutter tends to spatter and leave spots on the image sensor.  Ugh.  I had it cleaned about a year ago and it made a huge difference in the image quality.  These images proved that the oil splatters are back- I can see them clearly when I view the images in full-size.  Camera repairmen everywhere swoon as this seems to be an ongoing issue with the latest Nikons as well.

The Brits love walking in the countryside.  There's a website devoted to walks here- http://www.carfreewalks.org/.  There's lots of bus and train connections even in the most rural spots, making it easy to do linear walks in which you don't have to double-back to a car park at the end of the day.

The top of the cliffs is also a sheep pasture!  There were new lambs frolicking all around, and bits of lovely soft crimpy lanolin-infused wool on the ground.  I didn't pocket it.  I was tempted, though.

Alas, after some bright sun, it clouded up again and the fog started rolling in again.  There's a small National Trust gift shop along the cliffs, where you can warm up with a cup of coffee and a scone before continuing.  It's nice to get out of the wind.  Those trees in my previous post were bowled over for a reason- the wind coming off the cliff face was relentless, and the waves are strong enough to kick up pebbles from the cliff face and scatter them along the tops of the cliffs.

There were a few brave souls surfing here- there's no clear access to the beach since the winter, so they were quite athletic just to get down to the water.  There's been a big winter-surf happening going on in the UK and Ireland this year- huge winter storm surf has been attracting pro surfers from all over, but it's still for the brave and the well-equipped.

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