Monday, 28 April 2014

FO: Barley Hat

The weather has been warmer and sunnier and wetter than I could think possible in one place in one day, but I've been out, walking and exploring and traveling and eating and drinking, and generally having adventures of the amazing variety.

On one such adventure, I met a rather intrepid couple from New York.  She, heavily pregnant.  Here's the thing: on their paternity leave, they decided to move to London and have their baby there, just for something to do for four months.  Seriously!  They were so calm and cool and collected about the whole thing.  They flew over before she got "too big to fly", found a sublet near Portobello Road, found a local doctor, spent a month waddling around and exploring London before having a really uneventful happening in which a healthy baby boy appeared.

Here's a hat I made for them:


It's a quick little knit called the Barley Hat from Tin Can Knits.  It's a free pattern, well-written, and sized from infant to adult, and totally unisex.  I love classic patterns like this which will show off some special yarn and look fab on anyone.


The yarn is Rowan Denim, a cotton DK that I had leftover from a crochet trim that I have yet to show you.  It worked perfectly; I didn't know if they were having a girl or a boy so denim was perfectly unisex color anyway.  It's machine washable, fairly soft, and really durable.


Like my total cynicism in thinking that every baby item I made for friends in Paris, I'm pretty sure that this hat will be yanked off by tiny angry fingers and whimsically tossed off the Tower Bridge.

PS, I hate the new Flickr so hard.

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