Friday, 4 July 2014

4th of July Apologist

I love the 4th July, aka  American Independence Day.

The extra day off work, the BBQ, fantastic weather, beach and margaritas and sparklers and the one day that cops turn a blind eye to all the fireworks you crossed the border for.  Early-morning parades where they throw weird rock-hard candy that doesn't shatter when it hits the pavement.  Patriotic jello, mysterious mayonnaise-based salads of woe, and gorging myself on strawberries and early raspberries.

Morning glories

Well, now.  Isn't this awkward, being in England.  At least in France they have a similar holiday a mere 10 days later.  Sorry about the colonies I guess?  But wheee, we're free of the tyranny of the royal family!

I'm sure there are expat parties going on all over London, but we are taking off for a very long walk.  I'll report back, hopefully with toenails intact.

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