Tuesday, 1 July 2014

FO: Betsy Ross Dress

You guys, I finished a sewing project!

Actually, I finished this months ago, which isn't bad considering I had started this last summer in Paris.

While I enjoy making things, sewing is just not as pleasurable as knitting.  Maybe it's all the jumping around I have to do- from table to iron to machine to hand basting to iron and back.  Maybe it's the loud mechanical machine aspects of it, and being bent over said machine.  I don't know, I just have a hard time sitting down and sewing something in a timely manner.  Sewing projects can drag out for months until I'm sick of looking at it and just finish it already.  Sigh.

An easy, cute dress pattern is my favorite thing.  One that you can do endless variations of.  I had bought this pattern years ago at Brooklyn General, before I even owned a sewing machine.  I think I sent it up to my mom, who eventually sent it back to me, so when I finally bought a machine in Paris, I sat down and started making cuts.  The pattern has since been discontinued.  If you can find it, nab it.  The instructions are really clear and easy, with good diagrams and explanations and tips throughout.  I usually require a bit of hand-holding in my sewing, with lots of looking up videos on the youtube for techniques and clarifications.  This, I didn't.

Forgive the pictures, it was early and my hair was wet from the shower.

The fabric is a gorgeous woven silk that I picked up at one of the fabric stores clustered around Sacré Cœur.

It needs to be pressed as it's been jammed into my closet for a bit, but it fits, and its cute.  Totally wearable summer dress.  I probably could have styled it a bit better here, but I was just rushing out the door.  Late, as usual.  Oh, and that SPF 50 is working wonders, don't you think?  

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