Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I went ahead and grudgingly frogged the Wilson hat:

dec2009 1100

It would be a lovely hat, really. Just not in a dark charcoal color. It makes the tiny cables too hard to see, and infuriatingly easy to lose your (my) place in the pattern. I tore it out and the yarn will be repurposed for something less cabley. I'm happy that I decided on this sooner rather than later...is this a sign of knitter maturity?

It seems like a side effect of making all these sweaters is that I'm going to end up with an extraordinary amount of single skeins and odd balls of yarn. I predict once I'm over the sweater making phase, I'll be making lots of hats and small lace projects to burn up all the odds and ends.

I have a few FOs sitting in a pile, waiting for the final touches of buttons and zippers. I haven't had the time to go to the local trimmings store yet, but I'm hoping to make a trip this weekend.

Also, I've started getting into wet-felting. Pictures and a blurb about that coming soon.

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  1. good move. If the cables are hard to see when making them, they would be hard to see when wearing the hat.