Friday, 29 January 2010

A-Z Challenge!

My 12 Sweater Challenge is going really well. Almost too well. It's the end of January and I'm nearly done with sweater #6. At this rate, I will have to buy more yarn before the end of the year....gah! I credit project monogamy for this progress.

An idea hit me. I'm the kind of person who will see a pattern that I want to make and then run out and buy the perfect yarn for it. Meanwhile, I discount the fact that I have a stash of perfectly good yarn at home that would work just fine. It's the thrill of the chase.

I'm going to continue with my sweater project. It's going really well and motivating me to burn through stash like crazy. However, I am going to challenge myself with a new game as well. One that might ensure I have less stash in the end. I will attempt to methodically go through my stash alphabetically and choose a project for each yarn. This is a good alternative to choosing a yarn for each project I want to do. Thanks to the stash organizational skills that Ravelry has given us, I have a pretty good idea that I have too much yarn just lying around.

Here are my self-imposed rules to the Alphabet Stash Challenge:
1. Spinning stash doesn't count. A lot of my listed stash is stuff that will be carded and blended into something else. Lots of times, this resulting product gets sold. I'll deal with my spinning stash on my own terms.
2. Handspun does count. I've got lots of odd and sample skeins that need to go.
3. Sweater projects are exempt from the Alphabet Stash Rule. I've got a pretty good idea that I won't be wanting to knit a C for Camel sweater when the thermometer says I should be knitting an L for Linen sweater.
4. Anything that I skip because I can't be inspired for a project will be given away.
5. Weaving projects count.
6. I think I should have a rule here about not adding to my stash. Sadly, MDSW is coming up. I can not make such ridiculous promises.
7. Ravelympics project is exempt.
8. Matching sets? Am I still thinking I might make myself one?

I have to dig through my stash over the weekend and find anything hiding that I've forgotten to add to my list or anything that gets tossed before I start. Squeee!


  1. Great idea! I've been going through my stash and matching the yarn/quantity/fiber to likely projects that I've queued. I put the pattern name in the stash notes so it's planned out. It's helping me feel like I am getting some control over the ever growing stash...

  2. I find myself getting really stressed about my stash. I don't want one anymore!