Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Gussied-up Chapeau

Remember the Chapeau Mariner? I finished it last November. I threw on a satin ribbon that I had lying around in my stash and wore it for a bit.

I realized last week that my hat needs a face-lift. It's super cute, but I just wasn't wearing it that often. Beverley Trimmings to the rescue. Beverley is a glorious mess of a store...it's piled to the ceiling with buttons and fabric and notions. It's hard to browse, but it's good if you know exactly what you want or have the patience to go on a treasure hunt, you are usually rewarded.

I got lucky and found this cute vintagey button. I grabbed it and then fought my way over to the wall of ribbon to find something that matches. Five minutes with a needle and thread and VOILA!

jan2010 023

I think it makes the hat. I've been wearing it constantly since I made the change.

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