Tuesday, 9 February 2010

FO- Plaid Scarf

I have mixed feelings about weaving. I know a lot of people who weave love the entire process including the warping. That's just unbelievable to me. Maybe it's because there's math involved, it's tedious and you have to plan it out in advance. One wrong move and you end up with a tangled mass of angry yarn. That seems like the perfect storm of things that will create unnecessary bitchiness, meltdowns, and loom-tossing.

Aside from that mess, I'm pretty in love with weaving.

woven scarf

woven scarf

woven scarf

This scarf is big enough to wrap around your neck three or four times, which is great since I'm sending it off to keep necks warm in Maine. Since warping takes me forever, I tend to make enormously long pieces just to get as much weaving time as possible. I'll cut them in half and make two scarves if I have to- anything to delay putting on more warp. Once you get started weaving, it doesn't take too long at all. I probably did this in five or six hours (oooh, maybe I should mention that since it's a birthday gift and more than a month late), and it's at least 7 feet long. It's much faster than knitting, and it takes less yardage. You can make it as warm and dense or as airy and lacy as you would like.

Happy belated birthday, Mom! The package is in the mail.

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