Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Spinning Romney

I'm starting to really revel in the winter weather. When I see the temperature plunge into the single digits I start squealing with glee. What other time of year encourages you to stay inside more than winter?

All those fleeces that I packed away after Rhinebeck are coming alive once again. The Romney fleece is coming along nicely. So far I've got 3 bobbins spun up and ready to be plied, and I'll probably need at least 3 more bobbins of singles. I've been carding more fleece as needed, so I'm always spinning from these ethereal fluffy batts. It makes the task at hand much more enjoyable.

spindles 023

Would it be asking for trouble if I started knitting before I was completely done spinning?


  1. Very beautiful singles you're making. Can't wait to see it plied and knit up.