Tuesday, 8 February 2011


In an effort to promote team-building like good corporate minions, one of the managers at work decided that we were going bowling. I reveled in the opportunity to play with some new camera settings aside from "Snow".

Feb 2011 041

Feb 2011 018

Feb 2011 019

Feb 2011 024

I think that without the ball in the picture, it looks like some bizarre dance ritual going on.

Feb 2011 031

It worked for a little while, but after a cocktail I stopped caring about adjusting all the settings and getting good photos and bracketing and framing and fill flash and holding the camera steady and all that jazz. Uh. I guess now I know that alcohol don't inspire me when it comes to photography. These are important life lessons that I need to learn on my own that they don't cover in the thousand page manual that came with the camera.

Feb 2011 009

Feb 2011 006

Basically, the only team building that got done was some illicit gambling and mutually suffering through hangovers the next day.

It was noticed how wildly inconsistent my game was. I'm either striking or in the gutter. There is no in-between with me.

Feb 2011 033

Also, I bowl wearing skirts with petticoats and beaded embroidery and lace tights. I'm pretty sure I can't handicap myself anymore than I already naturally do.


  1. That's hilarious. You did good with these shots, btw.

  2. fabulous shots! i even like your alcohol-addled one. it's trippy.