Thursday, 24 February 2011

Swiss Bliss

Last winter when I was in Switzerland, I discovered the most incredible little gems.

feb 2011 001

Behold, the Luxemburgerli.

I spent a better part of a day wandering around Zurich, looking for specialty pastries and other indispensable quality of life objects to judge a place on. I hit the jackpot when I stumbled into Spruengli. It's a gorgeous grand old European cafe with a heavy emphasis on chocolate. The chocolates were amazing- especially the fresh truffles d'jour that they make every morning- but what I found to epitomize awesomeness were the Luxemburgerlis.

feb 2011 004

They are tiny macaroons. So airy and light, but intensely flavored with a good amount of sweet-tart in the filling. Heaven.

feb 2011 005

Bry still has a lot of co-workers in the Zurich office. He tries to hold on to some bargaining power with these to ensure that we get a steady supply. Anyone who is flying to New York MUST BRING LUXEMBURGERLIS and you will be worshiped as the Bringer of All Things Good. There's a franchise in the airport specifically to cater to our needs.

I've scoured New York for something comparable- every time I see macaroons at a cafe, I give them an honest try. They are always too dense, too large, too artificial tasting, too sweet. Always a letdown. I think there probably isn't a huge market for them here (when is the last time you craved one before today?) and they tend to load them up with preservatives so they keep a bit longer. Something is lost in translation here.

They do get stale really quickly though- you wait a day and they become dense and chewy and lacking the ethereal lightness that makes them so amazing.

feb 2011 012

So, you know, you have to eat them all right away. Polishing off a box of these is not a problem at all.

feb 2011 015

Speaking of Switzerland, did anyone else catch this APOD photo from earlier this month?

Here's the Linky, I would recommend clicking on it to see it's full size. It's surreal how beautiful and other-worldly it is.

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